Big Rock Candy Mountain is a flavor incubator and taste-making think-tank between artists Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed and students, teachers and support staff at Queen Alexandra Elementary School in East Vancouver, British Columbia/unceded Coast Salish Territories. The project takes its name from a folk song that has been revised and rewritten countless times to reflect a comic utopia, where we hear a “…buzzin’ of the bees in the peppermint trees, ’round the soda water fountains.” Big Rock Candy Mountain is a post-proportionate world where adults and rationality no longer define the rules and limits of what is possible.

Big Rock Candy Mountain (BRCM) is comprised of meandering workshops, edible editions, artist invocations, strange conversations, school ground installations and an Instagram conveyor belt of evolving ideas. Rather than investing in a single result, BRCM privileges the school as a kind of (candy) factory, engaged in a wide range of productive capacities and processes. Here, creative flavour-making, pop art riffs and explorations in kid-defined ‘persuasive’ language intersect with the larger context of economy, labour, taste-as-power and culturally defined objects of desire.

Big Rock Candy Mountain is curated by Vanessa Kwan and produced by Other Sights For Artists’ Projects. Chris Lee designed and assembled this website. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the BC Arts Council Youth Engagement Program, The Canada Council for the Arts, the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver School Board.


Instagram: @bigrockcandy.mountain